HiFISH (Highly Flexible Innovation System Host) is focused on supporting innovation teams and processes

  • manages projects, resources and budgets based on a phase model with stage gate reviews
  • organizes the supplier and partner network
  • helps gain efficiency due to its focus on essential data
  • is database based: the entire team work on consistent data
  • provides an adaptive user interface with role-specific views

To achieve the most benefit for our customers, we modify best practice methods to fit perfectly. Phase-gate processes are well established and used to give a solid structure to your projects.
For visualization an example from our HiFISH-demonstration:Innovation Process sample en

Our customers will benefit in multiple ways by introducing HiFISH. Due to data consistency, no time is wasted in aligning distributed data managed in text documents, spreadsheets etc. All pictures, videos and presentations are right on hand as they are all stored in a central database. Even data history will be organized and immediatly accessible.

Role Specific Views


HiFISH sports an easy to use and lean interface; there is no confusion caused by deep and complex menu structures. To enhance focus on your data and worksteps, specific role-based views simplify the user interface. Only what is of individual concern will be shown. Our customers benefit from our more than five decades of experience with innovation and technology development. This we used to create our most efficient views and templates.


An example how views differ:

Project team

  • Edit own project(s) – as leader or member
    • Project documentation update
    • Project Plan update (only future, not freezed stages)
    • Edit resource plan
    • Prepare gate reviews
  • Initiate purchase orders
  • Manage partner and supplier network
  • Co-manage contracts

Manager View

  • Overview of all projects, purchase orders, budget situtations and forecasts.
    • . . . by calendar year/ quarters / month
    • . . . by fiscal year / quarters / month
  • View (not edit) all project details and history
  • Summary charts and management reports

Highly customizable

HiFISH is very adaptable towards your needs:

  • Phases can vary in type, number and category
  • define your own review deliverables contents
  • add resources and tasks
  • define or edit cost rates for resources
  • categorize resource, tasks, projects...
  • templates for all kinds of reviews, scouting reports et al...

Many organizations have to navigate through a bulk of outspread data: text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures and others. it takes alot of effort to gather everything needed. Consolidating data is a pain and finding specific data can prove to be difficult. Creating reviews unnecessarily takes a lot of time this way.

HiFISH can cut down more than 20% on time needed to create reviews by introducing live reviews and forcing consolidation of data. With live reviews, no time will be spent on polishing presentations, gathering spreadsheets, data and other material. All reviews will have the same structure and will be supported with the latest data. Information is gathered directly from the database. Old data, further information and everything connected to a project can be accessed directly. If there are open issues to be addressed, it will happen during the review. Create to-do-lists and save them right away to not forget anything.

Projectportfolio and reporting

Research projects can be turned into valuable assets besides the result. With HiFISH-software, you are able to generate reports, run analyzing tools and gain value by comparing your projects. How long do projects usually take? What is th cost of projects from a certain department? How many projects are run per department? Or in a specific time? Which technologies are used?

Reports are very inidivual. By specifying a free-to-choose tagging, HiFISH sticks to the principle of "highly flexible". Reporting tools and analyzing tools are open for sccripting, leading to full customer controle. Or just use the prebuild tools to get a brief overview. And if there is the need for more report tools, EES will be at hand to do the scripting. Contact us for further informations or demonstration.



Creating a knowledge database

By simply using our software, a potential knowledge base is starting to grow.
Often, redundant work is done due to inconsistent data - or not data at all. For example: there could be two research centers. One being located in Europe, another one in America. As there are alot of projects running in both centers, they don't comunicate about every project. This can result in redundant testings, projects or even double developments. By creating a knowledge database this can be made more efficient. If there are new projects planned, everyone can search within the database for key technologies used. HiFISH returns the related projects, their results and data. This wy, redundant work can be reduced significantly.
Reports can be generated, reflecting in which key technologies the centers are focused. Or when you need an expert in a certain field, why not use the database, search for technology and the software can show you who is working on similar or same technology. Identifying experts in your own enterprise.
And as allways, we are highly adaptable. Customize your very own knowledge base! Please contact us for further information or questions.

Adding a new dimension: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Innovation is more and more a matter of teamwork. In your own team as well as working closely with partners, universities or suppliers. Get yourself a headstart with an integrated CRM software, pushing the value of HiFISH even further. Manage contact information, reminders and communication history, so you have them available with a single click when needed. Send out reminders or invites to events and track responses - with mass mail options you can easily handle. Intensify the communication with social media to improve your network. Being up to date and keeping others up to date always pays off.

For further information visit the cRM-Section on our website.

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