"Sk@tch is a tactical project-conception to put ideas into practice. Defining an idea to be the ideal solution, Sk@tch is how to get there."

Capturing ideas is a first step.Website Skatch Grafik1 en
Elaboration is done via technologies, eexperts and market analysis
Rating and Ranking is essential for initializiing the innovation process
Implementation is converting a Sk@tch into a HiFISH-project.

Technical preparation of Sk@tches is the key to success. Important components have to be applied. Increasing chances to be top in
ranking and rating when being challenged.

The components added to a Sk@tch are:


  • classification
  • readiness level
  • availability
  • internal competences
  • contacts


  • expert knowledge
  • contacts
  • databases


  • market analysis
  • requests


  • strategic goals
  • timeline
  • risk management

When all components are applied a Sk@tch can be commited to be rated and ranked. This will be done bei either users, expert meetings or by a committee.
A maximum of objectiveness in the selection process is achieved by creating a big picture. Two complete different point of views are created:
subjective view: Judging by the awesomeness level. Everybody should just rate a project on how good something like that could be.
objective view: detailled rating by readiness levels, usefullness, ROI and more.

As all EES products, HiFISH - Sk@tch provides high flexilibity. Allthough we recommend rating Sk@tches on direct comparison with others. This makes rating and ranking
more realiable. Judging from our practical experience.

Finally the winning Sk@tches can be promoted into full-scale projects in HiFISH with just one simple step. Keeping the Sk@tches as historic data for analytics and look-up reasons.



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