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Does HiFISH fit my business?

HiFISH was developed to support research and development departments. With HiFISH we think we mastered giving structure to a creative process, supporting it while still maintaining flexibility. Together with HiFISH, we can support all kinds of development processes and give special consulting in technical research and development. 
HiFISH is best used for groups starting at about 15 employees in development departments. At this point, we realized an increased need for an organized Innovation management. You will see effects even during the roll out phase!
With the completely integrateable cRM you even get the power of a full customer relationship management. Keep track of everything with a better comunication within your network. Improve innovation processes, idea management and relationships - and never forget birthdays and holiday wishes.

Does cRM fit my business?

With cRM, all kinds of enterprises and departments will gain potential rewards. Only if you care about your partners, customers and suppliers, you will be able to be up to date - or keep them up to date to optimize your sales. Communication is made more handy and applicable if you only have to use one tool. If you were ever pressed for time looking for contact information? Lost track of contracts put into different folders? Or did you ever have the need to send out mass mails? cRM is something to be considerd.  All the holiday wishes got out? In cRM you have the complete overview to avoid double mailings, or the risk of dropping information.


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