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For our Customer Relationship Management software we chose to use combit CRM. As a real performer, combit CRM supports Microsoft SQL as well as open-source database PostgreSQL. You can can choose to set up a new database or just implement combit CRM on an existig database. But this is just the tip of the iceberg: Again customization is the keyword. To reflect your business, combit CRM can be adapted in various ways. Scripting opens a new world of functionality and workflow optimization. And even the user interface can be changed exactly to fit your needs! Size does not matter, combit CRM is a match for every business.

We change the software to the needs and benefits of our customer:

  • Requirement analysis and Consulting for combit CRM
  • Customizing and
  • Implementation
  • support and updates/upgrades

An overview with further informations and explanations can be found here.

For a first introduction and presentation, you can download a free demo version at   https://www.combit.net/testversion-crm/.

In the demo version you can see some pre-customized solutions, giving a brief overview what is possible and how many features are already implemented out of the box. Contact us to discuss further adjustments to make combit CRM a perfect fit!



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