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Digitization and the networking of people, locations and systems can significantly improve the productivity and quality of work processes. A lot of attention is paid to the easy accessibility and manageability of business data by authorized persons. Just as much attention should be paid to securing against unauthorized access. Here, too, we can support you.

Digitally sign and archive documents in a legally secure manner

Detect and defend against hacker attacks on your infrastructure

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Implementing digitization consistently

Document signing

Business-relevant documents such as contracts, invoices and other correspondence must be stored in a legally compliant manner. With the digital signature Replace analog signatures, mailings and paper archives with fully digitized workflows.

Workflows between different departments or functions in your company can be handled in a legally secure manner between different locations or from the home office as quickly as possible.

The signature solutions can be flexibly integrated into processes, e.g. in the cRM or other inventory systems.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

An Security Information and Event Management solution (SIEM) collects log files from various systems within its network in a central database. The observation and analysis of this data enables the Recognition of conspicuous behaviour patternsThe risk assessment and the initiation of timely countermeasures before major damage occurs.

Do you work with personal data, e.g. Customer or supplier information in cRM or ERP, this is even more important as security incidents involving data breaches under the GDPR regulations can result in harsh consequences.

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