Create, validate & evaluate product concepts with Sk@tch® –.

Develop and evaluate product concepts – regardless of whether they are technical or non-technical tasks. With Sk@tch® you know after a short time which of your concepts is the best, which features are important to your customers, which technologies are most suitable for implementation and which skills your company must master for realization.

Why don't you... should offer a certain product in which market?

In a Sk@tch project, we work together to determine which customer needs are important in the market segments that are relevant to you.

What are you...

...should the product be able to do to satisfy the needs?

In order to properly serve the needs of our customers, we define features that a product must, should or can have.


...ideally you implement the function with which technical concept?

Features can be implemented technically in various ways. We develop these approaches and evaluate them together.

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React quickly and systematically to market changes

Sk@tch - Method1

Phase 1: Determine influencing variables

We start with a systematic collection and evaluation of business relevant facts in defined building blocks.

In this way, all colleagues involved in the company gain a common understanding of the goals of the development and marketing activities early on in the project.

Sk@tch - Method2

Phase 2: Design and evaluation

We work out solution ideas together and summarize them in a collection of evaluated and comparable concepts, we call them Sk@tche. 

These are now available as argumentation chains covering the complete value creation process.

Sk@tch - Method3

Phase 3: Implementation

We summarize the most suitable solution paths for implementation as recommendations for action.

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The experience gained from our workshops and our own activities in the field of product development enables us to bring in other experts from industry and universities for the workshops if desired.

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Sk@tch provides you with a tool that you can use flexibly. Be it for the development of a single topic area or as a recurring activity for the strategic development of your portfolio. If you use Sk@tch regularly, you will also be interested in the EES HiFISH, which is perfectly tuned for recording this information and documenting the workshops.

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